Board of Directors

About the board of directors here

President Rick Haness [email protected]
Vice President  

[email protected]

Secretary Jim Richards [email protected]
Treasurer Reid Winger [email protected]
Membership Chair Rick Haness [email protected]
Conservation Chair Russell Husted [email protected]
Education Chair Jack Gillis [email protected]
Women’s Program Chair Dani Rose [email protected]
Past President Andy Payne [email protected]
Casting Director Steven Weaver [email protected]
Communications Russell Husted [email protected]
Fly Tying Chair Ron Mayfield [email protected]
TP&WD Liaison Keira Quam [email protected]
Webmaster Tim Gikas [email protected]
Youth Outreach Chair Austin Orr [email protected]
Board Rep of FFI Dutch Baughman [email protected]
Board Rep of FFI Barry Webster [email protected]