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What is fly tying?

Fly tying is the simple process of binding various materials to a hook with thread to create a lure that effectively mimics natural prey.


Why do we tie flies?

  • The satisfaction of catching fish using flies you tied.
  • To achieve the ability to tie flies that mimic prey that your quarry feeds upon.

Fly Tying Resources

The Fly Tying Group

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Learning Center

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What is fly fishing?

What is Fly Fishing?

» What is a fly?

• A hand-tied imitation of the food source the fish eats in the water

• It looks and acts like an aquatic insect

» Present the fly to a spot where you think a feeding fish will be 

» Understand fish behavior and habitat 

Fly fishing vs conventional fishing

» You can fly fish for all fish species, in all types of water

» Fly fishing: weight of line pulls fly; conventional fishing: weight of lure pulls line

» Fly fishing focuses on the river anatomy, such as habitat, current, and obstructions, to determine fish location (food, protection, rest)

» Casting skill allows the angler to present the fly at a precise location.