Membership is a driving force of Fly Fishing International. It begins with the grassroots of our club, council, and FFI efforts to attract members. The ultimate goal of membership is to attract new members and retain existing members, this effort requires a multi-level approach satisfying the needs of new and old members.

Interest in our fly fishing community takes many forms, some people are interested simply in fly fishing, others are interested in River, Stream, and Lake conservation, even others are interested in tying flies, others in casting, and so on. The challenge inherent in this varied interest group of anglers requires the need to offer beginner learning and teaching programs for the new members and challenging learning opportunities to the established accomplished angler.

Fly Fishers International and The Texas Council strives to offer continuous support to its members and clubs by formulating programs that appeal to all skill level and interest of new and current members of Fly Fishers International. These programs are aimed to assist the membership to develop their skills in several ways, either through the existing club structure or, in many cases, assist FFI members not affiliated with a structured club. The goal is to give all the members access to the same tools and programs.

The Texas Council is continually seeking new and innovative ways to assist and support its member clubs by offering opportunities to attend regional and local events with the assistance of area-wide clubs. These gatherings can present an atmosphere that encourages our club and unattached members to enhance their skills. This interaction and personal development is a strong tool to attract and retain membership in Fly Fishers International and The Texas Council of FFI.

Currently, the Texas Council is developing programs that can be offered to both “in-person” events, as well as through a “virtual” platform that has evolved into its own the past year. Fly Fishers International has made great strides at all levels to develop programs to “ensure focus on Conservation, Education, and community”. These principles are reinforced in the “Learning Center” along with other programs found on “Fly Fishers International’s” website;

The efforts to attract new and retain members is a continuous process calling upon all the learning programs offered by FFI and Texas Council. The key focus of the membership program to attract and retain members in Fly Fishers International and the Texas Council of Fly Fishers International.